Adams / China gates

Bach, J. S. / Das Wohltemperierte Klavier (parts)

Barber / Ballade, Intermezzo 1 & 2

Bartok / 7 Sketches, Funeral march from the symphonic poem Kossuth, 4 piano pieces: study for the left hand

Beethoven / Sonatas (7, 17, 21), 9 Variations on a march by Dressler

Benoit / Troisième fantaisie

De Brauwer / Pierrot's lunar escape (première), Timmy (première), Pasakos iš Arkadijos (première), Something, Something; 'n' Rain 'n' Such (première recording on CD Piano Classics PCL10147), De Profundis (dedicated to me, première recording)

Busoni / Fantasia contrappunttistica, Chaconne (Bach-Busoni)

Cage / 4'33", 2 Pieces (1946), In a landscape, A room, Dream

Chopin / Fantaisie Impromptu, Ballades 2 and 4, Etudes op 10 (complete) Etudes op 25 (parts), Preludes (parts), and other works

Cornelis / Des cent ans d'un escalier (première)

Curran / Inner cities (parts)

Debussy / Preludes (parts), Etudes (parts), Estampes, Pour le piano, Suite Bergamasque, Masques, Ballade slave, L'isle joyeuse, and other works

Devreese / Lullaby for Jesse

Feldman / Palais De Mari

Ferneyhough / Lemma-Icon-Epigram

Finnissy / Midsomer morn (English Country-tunes), Gershwin Arrangements & More Gershwin (CD Piano Classics PCL10218)

Godowsky / Java suite (parts)

Grieg / Peer Gynt Suites (parts), Lyriske stykker (parts)

Hindemith / Tanzstücke (live recording classical radio Belgium)

Housen / Music for film project De Middenberm by Sébastien Bovie

Janacek / Sonata 1.X.1905

Kelmendi / Renuo (première recording)

Klatzow / A branch of dreams

Ligeti / Etudes (parts)

Mendelssohn / Drei Etüden, Lieder ohne Worte opus 19, Sonate opus 105

Messiaen / Catalogue d'oiseaux (parts), Petites Esquisses d'Oiseaux (parts)

Mozart / Sonatas 11 and 14

Munakata / Auroral Sculpture of the Evening

Nishimura / Mirror of Star, 3 Visions, Carillons of Ekstasis

Noland / Enigmous Prelude (dedicated to me, première recording)

Nuyts / Sonata 6

Poulenc / Novelette 1

Prokofiev / Sonatas 2 and 3

Rachmaninov / Prelude cis minor

Rathé / La Muchacha Dorada (on CD a tension Etcetera Records)

Ravel / Prelude, Pavana pour une infante défunte, Menuet antique

Roussel / Suite in F#

Satie / Sports et divertissements, Sarabandes, Gymnopédies, Gnossiennes, Sonneries de la rose croix, Vexations, Allegro & Cinéma, Je te veux, and other works

Sciarrino / Anamorfosi

Scriabin / Sonatas 4, 10

Sorabji / In The Hothouse, Opus Clavicembalisticum ( Introito, Preludio corale, Interludium primum, Cadenza I, Adagio, Coda. Stretta), Fantasia Ispanica (1, 2), Fantasiettina, Quasi habanera, Fragment: Prelude & Fugue, Fragment for Harold Ruthland, Symphonic Nocturne (première, CD Piano Classics PCLD0119, ▷ watch trailer), Désir éperdu

Stockhausen / Klavierstück IX, Klavierstück XVI

Strawynski / Scherzo, Tango, Rag-time-music, Serenade

Szymanowski / Metopes

Takahashi, K. / Ryouka, Furin

Takemitsu / Les yeux clos 2, complete works for piano solo (CD Piano Classics PCL10147, ▷ watch trailer), Rain Dreaming (for harpsichord)

Van Parys / Brouillon Royal

van Roosendael / George took the wrong plane

Vorster / Temporis (première), A bridge between realities

White / Time's grains

Xenakis / Evryali



chamber music and concertos


Adams / Hallelujah Junction (piano duo)

Auerbach / Prelude 15 (violin and piano, Casco Phil)

Bach, J. S. / Concerto per due cembali senza ripieno

Barber / Souvenirs (piano duo)

Beethoven / Complete variations for piano duo

Berg / 4 Stücke (clarinet and piano, Adagio (violin, clarinet and piano), 7 Frühe Lieder (songs)

Berlioz / Spectre de la rose (song)

Bernstein / Glitter and be gay (arr. for voice, cello and piano)

Blanckaert/Delafosse / Hakahula! (dance production, Spectra Ensemble)

Bogaert / Pick a Title (piano duo, première)

Borré / SYLT I (flute, cello and piano; première), Petit Fusée Rouge (chamber orchestra; première), Tönisstein (handbells, marimba and piano; première)

Bradford / A darkling Thrush I & II (choir, percussion and piano)

Brahms / Concerto in d minor (piano and orchestra, arr. by composer for piano duo), Liebeslieder-Walzer opus 52 (piano duo and optional chamber choir)

De Brauwer / Pianotrio's 1 and 2 (premières), 12 Études (piano duo; première), Dream song 1 (chamber orchestra; première), Down The Road Not Across (electric guitar and piano/keyboard), Concerning the Cosmos (première)

Brengier / Songs (complete)

Brewaeys / Fêtes à Tensions (Spectra ensemble, on CD a tension Etcetera Records), Cardhu (Spectra ensemble)

Britten / Songs (selection)

Cage / Nocturne (violin and piano)

Casals / Song of the birds (cello and piano)

Cavaliere/Mertens / Capolino, sguardi paradisiaci verso l'ignoto (music theatre)

Claerhout / Let's Nsa, Mi Cyaant Believe it, Morning Sun (Spectra ensemble)

Clynes / Spicy magic (chamber orchestra; première), Quetzalcoatls 13 moons (piano duo; première)

Corten / Wreck the piano Time (piano duo; première)

Coutigny / Colourful danger, safe grey (chamber orchestra; première), Station eleven (chamber orchestra; première), Kain & Abel (Spectra ensemble)

Crumb / Four nocturnes (Night music 2) (violin and piano), Celestial Mechanics (Makrokosmos IV) (piano duo)

Debussy / Prelude à l'après-midi d'un faune, Lindaraja (piano duo)

Delibes / Les filles de Cadix (song)

Delius / Sonatas for violin and piano

Devreese / Gemini (piano duo)

Dutilleux / Les citations (oboe, harpsichord, double bass and percussion), Sonata (oboe and piano)

Eysermans / Zoet Bloed, Hard, Hart, Lucht (Spectra ensemble)

Feldman / Piano four hands (piano duo), Piano three hands (piano duo)

Finnissy / Stille Thränen (piano duo), Deux Jeunes se promenent à travers Le ciel (piano duo)

Fischer / Der Grüffelo (chamber opera for children, Spectra)

Franck / Le sylphe (voice, cello and piano)

Fujieda / Patterns of plants, Collection 1 & 7 (viol and harpsichord)

Gershwin / Summertime (arr. voice, cello and piano), Someone to watch over me, Embraceable you (songs), Variations on 'I got rhythm' (piano duo transcription by Simplexity pianoduo)

De Gheselle / Clocks never wait, Tonight I can write (violin, cello and piano), When Light is Put Away (Triptych: I feel I should be tormented but nothing of that is there, It's more than a fragrance, After great pain, a formal feeling comes; Spectra ensemble)

Ginastera / Pampeana 2 (cello and piano)

Gistelinck, E. / Music for Rene (violin an piano)

Glass / Metamorphosis II (violin and piano, Casco Phil)

Goeyvaerts / Zum Wassermann (Spectra ensemble, on CD a tension Etcetera Records), Les voix du verseau (Spectra ensemble)

Haas / In Vain (Spectra ensemble)

Headliner / The City So Nice They Named It Twice (chamber orchestra)

Helmersson / Timelapse (chamber orchestra, Casco Phil)

Hendriks / In tijden van crisis (chamber orchestra; première)

Herzogenberg / Trio op. 61 (oboe, horn and piano)

Hori / Triadic (piano duo and cello)

Hurel / So nah, so fern (Spectra ensemble)

Ianotta / D'Après (Spectra ensemble)

Ives / Variations on 'America' (piano duo transcription by Simplexity pianoduo)

Janacek / Sonata (violin and piano), Pohadka (cello and piano)

Janssens / Trois études scénographiques (Spectra ensemble), (Paysages- études) IV  (Spectra ensemble)

Kodaly / Sonata (cello and piano)

Kurtag / Tre pezzi (violin an piano)

Lachert / K comme makyo (clarinet, trombone, bass clarinet and piano)

Lefebre / The Great Debate (piano duo, première)

Liszt / O! Quand je dors (voice, cello and piano)

Loeffler / Two rhapsodies (oboe, viola and piano)

Mahler / Liebst du um Schönheit (song)

Massenet / Élégie (voice, cello and piano)

McGowan / Building music (chamber orchestra)

McRae / 14 Emotions (Spectra ensemble)

Messiaen / Quatuor pour la fin du temps (violin, clarinet, cello and piano), Thème et variations (violin and piano), Fantaisie (violin and piano), Visions de l'Amen (piano duo)

Miwa / Duo (harpsichord and viol)

Mundry / Dufay Bearbeitungen (Spectra ensemble)

Neyrinck / Fenster: 3 Arten durch das Fenster die Stadt anzuschauen (chamber orchestra), 3 Songs (Spectra ensemble), Gestalt VIII (Spectra ensemble), Echo de Maeterlinck (Spectra ensemble)

Van Parys / Résonances (piano duo), Conte (Spectra ensemble)

Pärt / Fratres, Spiegel im Spiegel (cello and piano)

Pauwels / Grieve As a Flower, I Am You, Now That You Died, Salt Them Bones (Spectra ensemble)

Piazolla / Le Grand Tango (cello and piano), Invierno porteño and Primavera porteño (violin, cello and piano)

Poulenc / Concerto en ré mineur (two pianos and orchestra), Hotel, Je n'ai que envie de t'aimer (songs)

Posman / The Book of Thel (chamber orchestra)

Prévin / Vocalise (voice, cello and piano), Tango, Song & Dance (violin and piano)

Purcell / If music be the food of love (arr. Britten; song)

Quintyn / Shots (chamber orchestra)

Rachmaninov / Vocalise (voice, cello and piano)

Raes / Logos (3/5) (violin, oboe, cello and piano)

Rathé / Un arcangel de frio (Spectra ensemble, on CD a tension Etcetera Records)

Ravel / Rapsodie Espagnole (piano duo)

Reich / Piano Phase (piano duo), Clapping music, City Life (chamber orchestra), Four Organs (Spectra), Sextet (Spectra)

Richter / Mercy Piano (violin and piano, Casco Phil)

Roels / Piano plain (three pianists; première), Points to make (5 instruments; première)

Saint-Saëns / Violons dans le soir (voice, violin and piano), Le Cygne (cello and piano)

Satoh / Birds in warped time 2 (violin and piano), Toki no mon (violin, percussion and piano), The heavenly spheres are illuminated by lights (voice, percussion and piano)

Schönberg / Pierrot Lunaire (Sprechstimme and chamber orchestra)

Schubert / Songs (selection), Drei Militärmärsche (piano duo)

Schumann / Stille Tränen (piano duo; arr. Lukas Huisman), Seit ich ihn gesehen (song)

Singh / Whities: Eating and Drinking, scene 1 (chamber opera, Spectra Ensemble, LOD)

Smetryns/Dousselaere / Armpit, Jimmy, Worries (Spectra ensemble)

Sorabji / Chrisilla, Vocalise, Trois chants (songs; Belgian premières)

Strauss, R. / Zueignung, Ständchen, Amor, Wiegenlied, Morgen (songs)

Szymanowski / Piesni Muezzina Szalonego (songs), Sonata opus 9 (violin and piano)

Takahashi, K. / Shikkun (piano duo)

Takahashi, Y. / Songs of a cat (voice, piano and viol)

Takemitsu / Rain coming (chamber orchestra), Distance de fée (violin and piano), Songs (selection), Orion (cello and piano), Corona (new version for piano and live electronics)

Ustvolskaya / Grand duet (cello and piano)

Vekeman / Kwijfie (cello and piano)

Vermeersch / Rain brings back the dust (piano and percussion)

Vorster / Es fügt sich... (clarinet, piano and string quartet; première), Spatial situations (clarinet, piano, cello and violin; première), Verkehrte Räume (violin, flute, piano and voice; première), Documentations, movements and time (violin, cello and prepared piano)

Webern / 4 Stücke (violin and piano)

Whitacre / Cloudburst (choir, percussion and piano)

Widmann / Fünf Bruchstücke (clarinet and piano)

Wolff / Music for 1, 2 or 3 people

Zhanhao / Lin'an's eternal sorrow (piano and guzheng)

Zombila / Verwindung II (violin, viola and two piano duo; première)